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Acid Grade Casein is produced from pasteurized skimmed cow’s milk of approximately 9% total solids, in which the casein is precipitated by the action of heat and acid. About 85% of the protein in milk is casein. The acids used to precipitate casein can be mineral acid (hydrochloric or sulphuric) where the resulting product is generally termed acid casein or lactic acid-producing lactic casein. Casein is separated and washed before drying.

Acid casein has a variety of end-use as coffee whiteners, cream liqueurs, glazes, low fat spreads, whipped toppings, sausages and yoghurt all contain casein as a food ingredient. Technical applications include Match Box, bottle label adhesives, plastics, fermentation media, synthetic fibers, leather finishes, and paper coatings, etc.

Acid Grade Casein is Available in Various Grade, a Variety of Mesh Sizes, and Packages for your convenience.

We offer the Following Grade of Acid Casein:

  • Industrial Grade ACID Casein
  • Food Grade ACID Casein

Specification of Industrial Grade Casein :

 Industrial Acid Grade Casein 
Proteins, (dry basis) %, Min. 87
Fat %, Mix. 3.1
Moisture, %, Max. 9.25
Ash, %, Max. 7
Total Acidity (ml of 0.1 N NaOH) 9.4
Viscosity, Min 45 Poise
Standard plate count in 1 g, Max. 45000
Cloifores in 1 g, Max. Absent
Yeast & Moulds in 1 g, Max. 10
E.Coli in 10 g, Max. -
Salmonella in 100 g Absent
Appearance White to cream-colored powder
Texture Fine
  Available in a range of mesh sizes according to customer requirements. Normal size 30, 60 & 80 mesh.
Packing  25Kg  & 50 Kgs. 

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